Professional Portfolios Need To Look Professional

During the process of redesigning my online portfolio, I viewed a lot of company and individual online portfolios. Many individuals post their website online to get opinions. Frankly, quite a few of them need a bit of polishing.

Remember when designing your online portfolio it’s the first thing people are seeing. It’s your marketing tool; the online sales pitch. The potential client is not only viewing the projects but how you present yourself.

Focus on Strategy:

A few items to keep in mind:

  • Good Usability: Have the site well organized. If your site is not easy to use, that sets the example of what the client will get.
  • Clean and simple: Keep the design uncluttered and visibility appealing.
  • Technology: If you state you are knowledgeable on the latest technology then shows it. Have the site work on all platforms. Consider having responsive design.

A valuable tool in designing your site is looking around. See what do you like about others websites? Borrow, develop and redesign those elements to fit your style. Check out these design resources:

Get Feedback:

You can share your site on many discussion groups for opinions. Yes, you worked on your site for many hours, put your blood, sweat and maybe tears into it. Be ready to hear the blunt truth. It can be harsh at times but all the contributors are well meaning. The information they provide will ultimately make your work stronger. In conclusion take the time to plan what message you’re presenting to the clients. That will make your website clear to the user/potential client.

All the best in developing your online portfolio.

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