Finding the Artistic Niche

Morning Scramble, 24" x 24" Oil on Canvas

I’ve been painting for many years mostly oil on canvas and have explored various subject matters. From portraits, still life, scenery, dog portraits to flowers in a vase.

Over the years of painting, I just did not get why gallery owners did not show my work or why the paintings did not sell. I had received positive reaction when I showed someone a painting.
Then it hit me, the body of work was not unified and did not having a clear voice.

I started to paint what have become known as the “Window Scenes”.

The Point of Inspiration

I was at a friend’s farmhouse in Pennsylvania. The windows had these incredible deep window sills. On the sills sat plants, pottery, and glassware. As the sun filtered in the window, the reflection of the glass onto the surface was a thing of beauty. I took many photos of this and started to observe the other areas of the house that had these “window scenes”. This is where I pulled my inspiration for the paintings. This subject matter and style is well received and has selling power.

For me, I relate it the Rembrandt. Not saying I’m Rembrandt, but influence by the use heavy shaded areas and strong light direction casting shadows throughout the painting.

That Aha Moment

I had a show at the Christine Frechard Gallery in September 2013. A variety of my painting subjects where displayed. But, the “window scene” style of painting were the ones that sold. Each time I complete one, within days, its sold. It amazes me.

It took years to figure out but, this style and subject matter has become my niche. Thanks for reading and put the paint to the canvas and find your niche.

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